Smartware Studio (aka Studio360) is a framework for organizing a large variety of information and files about an entire Customer’s controls network. It is designed to help alleviate many common problems that companies encounter during the life of a project, and to provide a platform for a number of enhanced tools such as Engineering Submittal Design (Design360) and Estimating.

  • Central Store for Information and Files
    • Create System and Network Models
    • Store multiple versions of any type of file or document
  • Designer Module (Design360)
    • Engineering Submittal Drawing System
    • Migrate from Designer Suite 2005
  • Estimating Module
    • Full featured Project Estimator
    • Designed for simple and advanced estimating models
  • WorkPlace Tech Utilities
    • Centrally store and retrieve Application files by device
    • Automatic archiving of previous versions of the same application


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