Pangaea Data Collection and Reporting

Pangaea is a stand-alone application designed to collect data from a variety of sources and quickly generate Custom Reports and Hosted Dashboard Pages.

This product is a major upgrade of our WorkPlace Pro Utilities Data Collection and Reporting Utilities.

  • Collect from Many Sources
    • Niagara R2 Logs
    • Niagara Ax Histories
    • Schneider Electric SmartStruxure
    • Weather Conditions and Forecasts (NOAA)
  • Powerful Reports and Charts
    • Generate to the Screen or to Excel
    • Auto-generate multiple reports from a single Data Collector
    • Mix and match data points from different collectors
    • Custom calculation columns
    • Aggregate/Rollup Columns (Sum, Average, Min/Max)
    • Email, Copy or FTP Reports
    • No SQL or programming experience needed
  • Hosted Dashboard Pages
    • Use predefined dashboard screens or create your own
    • Fully hosted website - low monthly cost per dashboard
    • Secure your page with custom User IDs and Password
    • Uses HTML5 for maximum compatibility with browsers and mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android devices, etc.)
  • SQL Server Database
    • Works with FREE Microsoft SQL Server Express
    • Easy Step-by-Step installation of SQL server and database
    • No SQL experience needed
  • Integrated Task Scheduler
    • Schedule collections and reports with any frequency
    • Does not use Windows Task Scheduler
    • Immune to Windows Locking or Logoff


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