WorkPlace Pro Utilities is a stand-alone application that works with Niagara R2 stations to provide new and additional functionality during all phases of development and maintenance.

Tree Builder Used to automate the creation of the JavaScript file required to build navigation trees for front end applications, this utility will import the tree structure from an existing Niagara application (or start from scratch), and then easily move, copy, rename, restructure and relink the nodes to underlying Gx Pages or internet IP addresses.
Container Duplicator Useful in situations containing containers, logic bundles or Gx Pages that are typical of many systems, this utility duplicates the containers, renaming and relinking them appropriately.
Alarm Page Builder Used to create a set of master Alarm Pages for a system, this utility compiles the alarm inputs from one or more containers or logic bundles and populates a Gx Page with boolean objects, captions and device headings.
Value Table Builder Used to automatically build a multi-page table of values, where the rows of the table represent containers and the columns represent composite inputs and outputs from the containers. Property Sheets Used to view and edit a set of property values for a set of objects within a container or station.
Profile Upgrade Used to upgrade the shadow objects of controllers being replaced with newer profile versions.
Station Status Reports Used to poll any number of Enterprise Server or UNC stations to confirm and report on their health and status.
Backup and Transport Used to automate the backing up of stations or files and sending them to a file server, FTP site or e-mail address.
Data Collection Used to query and copy log data from an Enterprise Server Cloudscape archive database or a station backup file to any local database.
Report Generator Used to create custom Excel-based reports of collected data. Task Scheduler Used to help schedule automated execution of the other utilities.
Batch Files Used to create sets of tasks to be run in sequential order for automated execution.
WorkPlace Tech Snvt Used with WorkPlace Tech 4.0 drawings to generate LNC Data Strings and tables of information.


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