Smartware Power Panels

  • Reduces labor by up to 75%, from estimating, design, ordering, installation, checkout and service after the project is completed.
  • Increases standardization with a consistent footprint.
  • Customized labels and schematics showing exact jumper and wiring configurations available though new designer shape.
  • Includes board, fuses, switch, digital output 24VAC jumpers for each output, and wires (enclosure and relay available as options). Controller sold separately
  • Terminal block provided for three (3) fused 24VAC power circuits.
  • Shield terminal block provided to terminate all shields.
  • Common terminal block provided for all inputs and outputs. Easy to wire for electricians and technicians.
  • Complete panel can be assembled at Smartware Technologies at no extra cost!

Built-in DPDT Relay for SPST devices like low-limit thermostats. Provides control and status. Uses DO7 and UI8.

Download Product Specification

Built-in DUIC-5P functionality uses UI6 to allow for five (5) additional DI inputs using only one point on the controller. No need to mount and wire and additional card.

Download Product Specification

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